5 Decorating Mistakes To Avoid

brandt decor1

Decorating Mistakes To Avoid – There are do’s and don’ts when it comes to decorating your home. When choosing your next project, be sure to keep things modern but with a twist of your own style too. Here are a few ways to avoid home decorating mistakes…

Toilet Rugs

These are a thing of the past! Or should I say the 90’s! You know, the ones that match the seat cover? Instead of a toilet rug, opt for a general multi-purpose rug that sits in the middle of your bathroom floor serving as a bath mat, sink rug, etc. A more modern and more functional take on a bathroom rug!

Visible Clutter

This can not only make your home seem messy and dirty but also outdated. Find a place for your things so you can easily put them away. Don’t have a space for it? Make one! Add built-in shelves inside your home or even in the basement or garage. Having a place for everything will make cleaning your home a breeze.

Too Many Patterns

Patterns, florals, colors, you name it! Be careful when you mix and match. Have fun with your personal style but also keep it toned down for a more modern look. Maybe add your favorite pattern or print in an accent piece or make it the focal point but remember to tone down the rest of the decor depending on what you choose.

Too Many Photos

Some homeowners love to flood their homes with personal photos. Instead of cluttering space on the coffee table, mantel or another surface area try hanging professional photos. Creating a photo gallery on your wall can still showcase your fantastic, beautiful family without making your home seem cluttered.

Cords, Cords and More Cords

Cords are everywhere. In your family room around your entertainment center, office under the desk and even in your bedroom. Try hiding your cords in the wall by adding an outlet higher on the wall or hiding the cords behind furniture. But definitely, definitely hide the cords!


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