Lead Based Paint – What You Need To Know


Lead Based Paint – What You Need To Know – If your home was built before 1978, there may be lead-based paint on the inside and outside of your home. You most likely received information about this when you purchased your home, but what does it mean? There are a number of serious risks to having lead-based paint covering your walls and it’s best to inform yourself, in order to protect your family from harm. Here are four tips and things you should know about lead-based paint.

How Are Lead-Based Paints Problematic

The most important thing to know about lead-based paints is that they’re toxic and cause a number of health concerns, including lead poisoning. It can be most harmful to children, causing brain damage, impaired mental or physical function, headaches and more. Adults won’t likely be as affected as children, experiencing minor symptoms; however, pregnant woman who contract lead poisoning can be at huge risk, as it can impair fetal development.

There are plenty of homeowners in Central Ohio who live in a home built prior to 1978 who potentially have lead based paint in their home. It’s important to know the risk and understand how to live in a home with this possibility.


The older your home, the more likely it is to have lead-based paint. There are three types of inspections you can have to determine if there is any lead-based paint in your home: lead-based paint inspection, risk assessment, and hazard screen. These testing methods will provide you with more information to help you to determine what your next steps will look like. While some people would like to conduct the inspection on their own, the EPA strongly recommends that lead tests be done by either a certified lead inspector or a certified lead risk assessor.

Can You Remove Lead-Based Paint

According to The Handy Man, lead-based paint can be easily removed in a few easy steps. Tips include controlling the dust, working wet and clean up thoroughly. Before you begin the process, you will want to clear out any furniture or area rugs in the area. After you’ve completed the steps, be sure to clean the space thoroughly. Remember, not all lead-based paint removals are do-it-yourself. If the project looks like it might be too much, there are a number of professionals who can get the job done safely and thoroughly. If you don’t want to take on this task by yourself, contact a professional.

For additional resources about lead paint, to help inform you about the hazards and preventative measures you can take, visit here and here.


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