DIY TIP: When To Plant Spring Flowers


DIY TIP: When To Plant Spring Flowers – The front of your home is the first thing people see when they pull up to a viewing. With spring rapidly approaching, you want to make sure your home is bright and welcoming. Everyone says that April showers bring May flowers; but, how do you do you part to make sure that happens? Whether you’re gearing up to sell your home, or you’re just ready for the beautiful colors of springtime, here are five tips to remember when planting your flowers for spring.

Start Indoors

Starting flower seeds indoors will give you a head start on the growing season, no matter what your climate situation is. Start it out in a small pot and transfer it outside once the weather is right. This will allow you to give the flower(s) the extra attention and care they may need to grow properly.

Do Your Research

Whether you have a favorite flower you’d like to plant, or you just want something that looks nice, do your research to find out when the best time of year is to get them in the ground. This can be very important to the health and growth of the flowers in your garden.

Prepare the Landing Bed

Wherever you decide to plant the bulbs in your ground, make sure it is properly prepared. Remove any rocks or weeds, and loosen the soil. After you’ve planted the bulb, cover with soil and lightly compress – don’t pack in – the dirt. Lastly, add water and wait patiently for the beautiful color to arrive to your yard!

Plant in Groups

Bulbs look beautiful when they’re planted in irregular groups. For a little added fun when planting, toss a handful on the ground and plant them where they fall. It will leave a pleasant surprise for you when they start popping out of the ground.

When Is It Too Late?

When the ground is hard and frozen, it’s too late to plant your bulbs; however, it’s better to give them a fighting chance in the ground because they likely won’t survive on their own. While there is a desired planting period, there are still possibilities of beautiful bulbs blooming after being planted under unlikely circumstances.


For more information about planting flowers and tips for upping your home’s curb appeal, visit here.


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