Tips For Protecting Your Home Over The Holidays

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Tips For Protecting Your Home Over The Holidays – The holidays are a lovely time of year for traveling and connecting with family, who you may not get to see as often. That also translates into leaving your home unoccupied for a short period of time, which can unfortunately attract burglars. Here are six tips to remember for protecting your home over the holidays.


Wireless Network Camera

If you’re going away for a long period of time, it might be wise to invest in a wireless network camera. This will allow you to check in on your home regularly to make sure nothing is out of the ordinary.


Shatter Resistant Window Film

You can protect your home using shatter resistant window film, which will keep glass from breaking in the event that someone is trying to forcibly enter your home.


Neighborhood Watch

If you’re community has a neighborhood watch program, alert them that you will be out of town. They will then keep an extra eye on your home and alert you (or the police) if anything appears suspicious.



Use automatic times in your home that will periodically turn lights on and off. Burglars will get the idea that someone is inside, if in fact no one is home, which will help prevent them from wanting to enter your home.


Motion Sensor Floodlights

Even something as simple as an automatic light in the dark can spook a burglar away. Flood lights can sense movement up to 40 feet away (in most cases) and can be that extra ping of doubt in a burglar’s mind.


Get a House Sitter

Whether it’s your neighbor, a friend or a trustworthy local kid looking to make some extra holiday cash, hire a house sitter to look after your home. If someone appears to be home regularly, there is less of a chance that a burglar will try to break in.


For more tips on protecting your home over the holidays, visit here.


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