Columbus Named In The Top 20 Hottest Markets Of September 2015


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Columbus Named In The Top 20 Hottest Markets Of September 2015 – In recent years, we have seen Columbus pop up in increasingly more of the top lists. From greatest cities for recent grads, to fashion’s most up-and-coming city, Columbus appears to have it all.  It should come to no surprise that Columbus was named in’s list of the top twenty markets of September 2015.  Columbus found it’s place behind booming hot spots like San Francisco, Denver and Los Angeles as number 14 in the rankings.


If you are looking into buying a home in the area, now is definitely the time to do it. Home inventory is not moving as quickly as it has in previous years, and for that reason sellers might be more willing to negotiate the price of their home.  This means there is a great opportunity for the buyer.


If you do not live in the area presently and you have considered moving to the Columbus area in the past for whatever reason, it might be time to revisit that consideration. The city and neighboring suburbs have so much to offer to residents and visitors alike, making it a lovely place to work, live, and raise a family.


Here are four things you may not know about Columbus, Ohio:


1. Columbus is Smart

In early 2015, The Intelligent Communities Forum named Columbus one of the seven most intelligent cities in THE WORLD.


2. Professional Sports

Columbus is home to two professional sports teams: the Columbus Blue Jackets (hockey) and the Columbus Crew (soccer). Although some in Columbus do consider The Ohio State Buckeyes a professional team, too.


3. Historic Areas

Columbus and surrounding areas are home to many great historic areas. German Village is not only well-known in the Ohio area, but it is also one of the premier historic districts in the country.


4. Olentangy Trail

Did you know it is possible to get away from the city vibe, right in the heart of the city? Take an afternoon stroll on the Olentangy Trail along the river and enjoy some of the most beautiful views in the city.


Not only is Columbus one of the top twenty markets in the country, but the city also has many more things to offer. For more information about Columbus, Ohio, and other locations included in the top hottest markets of September 2015, visit here.


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