How To Stay Focused And Organized While House Hunting

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How to Stay Focused And Organized While House Hunting –
 No one will debate that house hunting can be a stressful experience. Spending a weekend touring a various homes cannot only be tiring, but keeping track of what you’ve seen, where it is, and even remembering what you liked or disliked about the homes can be super tricky. Here are 5 tips from to help you stay focused and organized while house hunting this season.

  1. Prioritize: Prior to beginning a house hunt, sit down and create a list of things you need in a home as well as things you desire in a home. What are the must-haves and which things would be a bonus? List all of these items and rank them accordingly. These lists will be invaluable to you when reviewing all your options at a later time.
  2. Consider Time & Travel: Another tip for ranking homes is to think about all the places you could be traveling to and from in this new home. Do you go to the grocery daily? Where is your workplace located? Is your favorite coffee shop near or far away from this new home? This is not to say, you cannot find new favorite hangouts near your new home, but there are a few essential places you may want to make sure you can get to whenever needed.
  3. Copy those lists: Make copies of these lists and highlight the items you see on your home tours. You can even create a tally system of points to see which abodes best hit all of your needs and desires! Be sure to keep a file or system for storing these notes and lists so that finding them later will be easy. You’ll also want to cross-reference these lists with your realtor to double check the amenities offered.
  4. Tour & Take Pictures: Take your lists and begin touring to discover that dream home! While touring, make sure you take pictures to put in your files so you can focus on features in the home you really enjoyed. Additionally, you should be writing notes on how you felt in the home or the emotions you felt while in the space. These kinds of details can really make or break your decision to purchase a home when reviewing your notes at a later date.
  5. Tally, Bid, and Buy!: Once you wrap up the home tours, review your notes and lists. Tally up your points, relook at pictures, and compare prices. This process of review will likely take some significant time, but it will be well worth it to find what you really seek.

In time, you will find what you’re looking for, and you can know that you did the correct research. A little organization and focus can go a long way when searching for the perfect home.


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