4 High Tech Security Systems For Your Home


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4 High Tech Security Systems for Your Home – In today’s world of technology, it’s easier than ever to protect what you love. Your home’s security is of utmost importance, so take care of it by installing a state-of-the-art security system. Not only will it protect your family and valuables, it will bring you peace of mind. Here are 4 high tech security systems for your home:

1. Piper Home Security is a customizable system with an intruder deterrent siren, and motion and sound detectors. Containing a panoramic camera, a 2-way speaker and microphone, this system not only keeps an eye on your home, but you can tune in anytime to check on things yourself. You can also control your lights and appliances via your smartphone with the simple tap of a button.

2. Canary Home Security System is easy to install and easy to use- simply plug it in, and link it up to your Wi-Fi! This smart system learns the longer it’s around- reading everyday movements of the home so that it can alert you when something is out of the ordinary. Customizable to any phone, you can set up Canary to monitor air quality, temperature, lighting, sound and more!

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3. Using Bluetooth technology, Lockitron Door Lock unlocks and locks your door via your smartphone. Benefits of this technology include sharing your key easily with family and friends as well as tracking who is unlocking your doors while you are away.

4. Sentri Home Security is the ultimate system attached to your smart device. Its software comes with live audio and video feed that can be accessed from any smart device you carry with you. This system can track air quality and temperature, as well as monitor lighting and energy usage in the home.

There is a wide range of fancy security systems out there to keep you and your home safe. Security is a serious matter- and a little investment goes a long way when it comes to your family’s safety.


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