5 Ways To Brighten and Update Your Kitchen


5 Ways To Brighten and Update Your Kitchen

Whether you’re trying to sell your home in the near future, or you’d just like to spruce it up, there are a number of things you can do to brighten and update the space. No matter what look you’re aiming for, there are a number of resources available to you. Here are five ways to brighten and update your kitchen.

Paint The Cabinets

If your current cabinets are a darker color that don’t really match the space, consider painting them a vibrant white and updating the hardware. This is a simple, inexpensive project that can help brighten up the space.

Mix and Match Textures

Use several textures for surfaces, rugs and accents to brighten up the space. Color coordinate the extra items to make sure nothing is out of the ordinary or too dark for the space.

Stick to One Splurge

If you’re dreaming of stainless steel appliances, go for it; but that means you should fogo the marble countertops. By all means, make your kitchen exactly how you want it, but don’t let your kitchen update break the bank.

Add Lighting

Consider adding under-cabinet lighting to brighten up a dark space. This type of simple lighting is not present in many homes and it goes a long way to add value to a kitchen space in the long run.

Experiment With Open Shelving

Give your dishes some room to breath and experiment with open shelving. Create a sense of greater space in the area and give yourself an opportunity to show off some of the great ceramics pieces you’ve been hiding behind cabinet doors for years.

Updating and brightening your kitchen doesn’t have to be hard or expensive. For more ideas on ways to brighten and update your kitchen, visit here.


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