How To Get Organized After The Holidays


How To Get Organized After The Holidays -The holidays are the most wonderful time of the year! You’re likely falling into the post-holiday slump, making it really difficult to be more productive in the new year. However, 2014 is behind you so get motivated and get organized to start off 2015 the right way. Here are five things to help you get organized after the holidays.

Make a Plan

The holidays are a hectic time, and getting organized after can be even more hectic. In order to stay on top of the craziness, make a plan of the tasks you want to tackle immediately after, and within the first month of the year. It will help you prioritize what needs to be done right away and what you can take your time doing.


Even post-holiday, it is still considered the “season of giving” so gather all of the stuff you don’t use or need and take it to Goodwill. If it works for you, use the get one/give one rule. For every gift you received this Christmas, give away something you already own and don’t use as much. This will not only make someone else happy, but it will help you get rid of some of the clutter in your home.

Involve Others

When did all of the cleaning and organizing fall on you? Involve the whole family in your post-holiday organization and make a game out of it. Divide the rooms in your home and assign someone to each space. The person with the cleanest room in the quickest amount of time gets to choose what’s for dinner.

Use Clear Storage Bins

Large, clear storage bins are some of the best places to house holiday decorations. This will help you stay organized and know exactly where everything is, when you go searching for it during the holidays next year.

Take Inventory

Take a healthy inventory of your holiday decorations and things you packed away. If something is broken or needs to be replaced, now is the perfect time to hit up the post-holiday sales on decorations. This can also help you determine your decorating strategy for next year.

Don’t let the organization after the holidays give you the post-holiday blues. Stay motivated now so that when the holiday seasons rolls around, you won’t be stressed out. To learn more about ways to help you get organized after the holiday season, visit here.


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