Which Home Style Should You Choose?


Which Home Style Should You Choose? –  It is important as a homebuyer to make sure you find the best home for you and/or your family. There are many different types of homes for everyone.

Here are few types of homes and details to help you make your decision…

Cape Cod– A cape cod style home is a home that originates from New England in the 17th century. They are usually seen as cottages that are characterized from a low, broad frame building. They are charming and quant homes perfect for any type of family.

Ranch-Ranch-style homes are known as American ranch homes. It is a domestic architectural style home originating from the United States. The ranch-style home is a single story home with simple floor plans and a low roofline. This style home is perfect for anyone who is looking for a one-story, basic layout home.

Tudor– A Tudor style home is known as a simple, yet rustic home that has a medieval look. The Tudor home was developed from a medieval England styled home. These homes are very beautiful and unique.

Bi-level-This style can also be known as a “spilt ranch”. A bi-level home is a modified version of a ranch home. The main difference is that the lower level of the home is more out of ground than in the ground. Usually they do not have basements.

Split Level– A spilt-level home is also a variation of a ranch-style home. It is designed to maximize smaller lots. A spilt-level home offers three levels of living space and a floor plan that makes economical use.

Townhome– A townhome is a style of housing where a row of identical houses share walls. This style is perfect for a single person or small family. This style still offers a good amount of space at usually lower cost than a single-family home.

Condo– A condo or condominium is a form of housing that is individually owned. They often share amenities with their neighbors such as pools, fitness centers, club houses and more! Condos come in all different sizes and sometimes are even bigger than a single-family home.

Apartment– An apartment styled home is a suite of rooms forming one residence. They sometimes are in a building containing multiple apartment styled homes.

Now that you know all the different styles of homes… are you ready to pick your style?


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