6 Upgrades That Help Sell Your Home

6 Upgrades that help sell your home the brandt group remax

6 Upgrades That Help Sell Your Home – When it comes to selling a home, it is essentially a price war and beauty contest. The fun part is, you can control both! Here are a few tips to making a few upgrades to your home that can help set up apart from other homes on the market…

  1. Upgrade Exterior Doors: Curb appeal is very important in selling your home. Upgrading your doors can give a more modern and fresh look to potential buyers, therefore increasing the value of your home.
  2. Landscaping: Beautiful landscaping will add serious value to potential buyers.  Keep your landscaping updated with seasonal flowers and plants. Consider planting ahead for mature trees and plants.
  3. Energy Efficient Windows: With cold weather hitting the majority of the United States, energy efficient windows are increasingly more important. While somewhat costly upon purchase, they pay off in the resale value of the home because the buyer will be saving on utilities. The best part is you can even save on energy costs while trying to sell your home!
  4. Update Kitchens: Updating a kitchen can be a very costly remodel. Smaller updates can make your kitchen look brand new. Repainting or refinishing cabinets that are still in good shape, upgrading to Energy Star appliances, or even replacing your kitchen faucet can refresh your kitchen’s look at a fraction of the cost.
  5.  Re-Vamp Appliances: If you want to keep your current appliances, but they don’t match, try contacting the manufacturer to order new panels. There are even options of buying wallpaper to cover your appliances- including stainless steel!
  6. A finished basement: Finished basements greatly increase the likelihood of selling your home. Install some carpeting and drywall to finish your basement and create a living space any potential buyer would love.

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