How To Prep Your Home For Summer Entertaining


We all know that time of year: the weather gets warm, the days gets longer, and we want to spend time with those we love the most – our friends and family! What better way than to have everyone over to enjoy each other’s company? Keep reading to find out ways to prep your home to entertain this summer!

1) Say it with me, “Goodbye winter!”

 Lighten up your home with bright, lively colors and say goodbye to anything that produces heat (thick blankets, candles, draperies, logs) and instead replace them with fresh flowers and lightweight mats!

2) MM..popsicles!

– Empty & defrost your freezer, throwing away anything that’s been hiding in there for over a year and make room for your summer favorites – popsicles and burgers!

3) It’s party time!

– Be sure your blender is ready for frozen drinks and you have your recipes handy. Accident-proof dishware is always a plus!

4) Feel The Summer Breeze

– Ways to enjoy a cool summer and a lower energy output:

  • Turn your ceiling fan to counter clockwise to push air downward and create a stronger draft!
  • Replace your air conditioner’s filter or have your central air given a look at!

5) Paint, paint, paint!

– Why not throw a fresh coat of bright colored paint on that door trim? What about your deck? Picnic tables? Or a chair? Sand the wood of its old paint, coat with a primer, and once completely dry – paint it bright!

Enjoying the bright and lively colors of summer is just the beginning of prepping your home for entertaining. Share your secrets on how you get ready for entertaining during the summer in the comments below!

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