How To Save Money On DIY Projects


After you purchase your new home, it’s time to make it your own. But with renovation comes a great deal of expenses to new homeowners. It’s difficult to stick to your budget and still make all of the changes you want and need to your home. Many homeowners turn to DIY home improvement projects to cut costs, but even these can eat at your savings. So how can you limit your spending without cutting corners on these home improvements? We’ve rounded up some helpful hints for DIY-ing on a budget. Check them out and your home will be ready in no time!

  • Recycle. Cut costs by using recycled or lightly-used fixtures and building materials on your DIY projects. Unfortunately, most contractors refuse to work with salvaged or homeowner-supplied materials so they don’t have to assume liability should something go wrong. However, if you’re doing your own work, this is a valid way to save some cash that could be used on other home improvement projects.
  • Do your own demolition. Knocking down your own walls isn’t only cathartic – it can also save you money! But when it comes to interiors, proceed with caution: be sure you’re not tearing down a load-bearing wall or a wall with live wiring.
  • Think long-term. While unfinished products may be more cost-efficient, the money you put into finishing those boards or flooring can actually cost you more in the long run. Take time to do the math that your home improvement project is still saving you money.
  • Cut out the delivery man. Want an easy way to save a little cash? Slash your materials-delivery fees and pick up the goods yourself. Borrow a pickup truck from a friend or rent a trailer and you could save almost $750 if you waive 10 deliveries.
  • Leave the plumbing alone. Moving your kitchen or bathroom sink or your toilet can cost you up to $1,000! Homeowners, skip this step by keeping these objects in their original places if possible.

Keep these tips in mind and you’ll DIY yourself to your ideal home and stay within budget!

Have you completed DIY projects for your home? Do you have tips for saving on home improvement projects? Let us know by leaving a comment below!

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