How To Save Money When Selling Your Home

Save Money

There are so many changes happening in the local real estate market. Sellers, it’s your time now! The market is evening out and right now the inventory is still low. So you, the seller, have a little bit of the upper hand. Even with that said, how can you save money when selling your home? Here are a few tips…

Hire An Experience Real Estate Agent

An experienced agent with a proven track record will know how to market your home, price your home, negotiate on your behalf, and help you get your home ready for the market. There is more to selling a home than putting a sign in the yard that’s for sure. Online marketing, staging, photography, pricing, and a lot more go into selling a home.

Get Your Home Ready

The way you live in a home and the way you sell a home are completely different. You need to allow buyers to see themselves living in your home. Declutter, show off the space, touch up the paint, and staging are all important. Your experienced real estate agent will be able to guide you on this subject.

Price It Right, The First Time

It’s a price war and beauty contest these days. Price it too high, you lose buyers. Price it too low and you lose money. So price it right to hit the “sweet spot” of the market and you can potentially shorten your market time!

Negotiate Strategically

It is important to examine the fees that are included in an offer from a potential buyer. A buyer might ask for additional inspection reports, or a seller concession toward closing costs. One thing you need to remember is that everything is negotiable. Just because you get the offer doesn’t mean you can’t counter offer or turn it down, you just need to be smart about it. Selling your home can be an expensive process for both the buyer and the seller. If you can’t afford to sell your home, then wait for the market to catch up to your ideal area. Be smart, hire the right professional and negotiate with your potential buyers to make the most out of your sale.

If you are looking to sell your home, contact me. I am happy to give you some tips and professional advice on what you need to do in today’s market.

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