How To Make Your Older Home Appeal To Younger Buyers

If you own an older home and you’re looking to get it sold, you can work with a realtor to figure out what potential buyers are looking for. With historically low interest rates there are a number of young homebuyers looking for their first home. Fortunately, a lot of young homebuyers can’t afford to build or buy a brand new home, so ultimately that will work in your favor. In addition, here are three ways to make your older home appeal to younger buyers.

Younger Buyers

Highlight the Good Things

If you live in a community with a rich history and beautiful old homes, market that to the best of your ability. A real estate agent will always be able to help with this. Young buyers won’t necessarily be deterred from your older home if you highlight all of the good things surrounding it. If you’re within walking distance to great coffee shops, a gym, local schools, etc., be sure to make that known. Young homebuyers will be more likely to give your home a chance if they see that it will be more convenient for them to live there in the long run.

Offer Renovation Plans

Most people know that they can’t buy the hoe of their dreams without doing some minor or major touch ups, and if the price is right, they won’t turn it down. Most realtors know contractors, so ask your realtor if they can find out an estimate of what it would cost to make minor renovations. If you present this to the new homebuyer and give them ideas of what your old home could be, it could get the creative ball rolling and give them more of an idea of what they want.

Lighten and Brighten

Some older homes come well equipped with unusually small windows, so to downplay that, you need to do what you can to lighten and brighten your home. Whether you need to paint the walls in bright/neutral colors, or you just need to add some extra light fixtures, there are always simple ways to make any room appear more vibrant. As a rule of thumb, you should always highlight your homes best features and downplay the features that you don’t think buyers will like.

Whether you’re marketing your community more than your home, or giving suggestions of how the new homebuyer can change the home to make it theirs, there are plenty of ways to show a young home buyer that your older home is for them. For more information about ways to make your older home appeal to younger buyers, visit here.

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