5 Tips To Help Your Move Go Smoother

Worried about losing something during the move or not being able to find what you need when you need it? Check out these moving tips from Realtor.com!


After all of the stress of selling and/or buying a new home, you are still left with the stress of moving. What if some of your belongings go missing? What if you can’t find what you need? How do you organize effectively to make unpacking less of a hassle? These are just some of the questions racing through the mind of someone getting ready to move, but it doesn’t have to be this stressful if you do the right prep work. Realtor.com says, “Before a single box is packed, take some time to create a plan of how you will track everything you’re taking with you. A good organizational system will save you countless hours (and considerable stress) when you get to the unpacking part of the process”. Here are 5 tips to help make the whole moving and unpacking process go a lot smoother…

  • Do a Pre-Packing Walkthrough. Before you put anything into boxes you should document what you have. Make a video (or at least take a lot of pictures) of your belongings, especially any valuables. Be sure to get close-ups of any serial number or other identifying details. This will be incredibly helpful if you end up needing to file an insurance claim in the event of loss or theft during the move. Keep at least one copy of all of this documentation somewhere outside of your home—a cloud-based (online) storage service is a good option because you can access it from anywhere.
  • Come Up With a System that Makes Sense to You. Whether you use an organizational system you found online or you come up with your own, the important thing is to have a plan. You should have a chart or list that will allow you to keep track of each box, its contents, and the room the items belong in. Again, having a backup copy online is a good idea. Consider numbering each box with a bright marker and then using that to track what is going into the box (you should have a detailed, descriptive list of the contents of each box somewhere). This can also help you find what you need right when you need it.
  • Use Color Codes. Assign each room of your new home a specific color and use that to organize the boxes by location. Use spray paint, construction paper, post-its, or whatever you have handy to color-code each box. You should also mark each room in the new home with the correct color so that whoever is unloading the boxes will know where to put them.
  • Check Off Boxes as They Arrive. Chances are you’ll be too tired to unpack all of the boxes right after the move, but you should at least check off each box as it comes into the house. This is the quickest way to figure out if any boxes are missing – before the movers are gone.
  • Make Sure You Can Spot the Priority Items. Along with color-coding boxes by the room they’re going to, you should also mark the most important boxes – whether they contain medical necessities or your toothbrush and other things you’ll need right away. Consider a bright red or yellow duct tape strip across these boxes. This will help you locate important items in case of an emergency, or, at the very least, tell you which boxes should be unpacked first.

Moving doesn’t have to be a hassle – you just have to make sure you’re properly prepared! Follow these tips for a smoother move and check out the original article from Realtor.com for more information and tips!

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