How To Cut Energy Costs This Summer

When it comes to saving money, we will try anything right? Coupon clipping, shop during sales, and even suffer through 90 degree summer days with no A/C. Here are a few tips to save some extra money this summer…

Cut on Cooling?

The Energy Department estimates that half of a household’s overall energy usage goes towards heating and cooling. Not a surprise? So how do you cut down on these costs?

  • Get a programmable thermostat

  • Make sure you have the proper insulation

  • Turn the A/C off on a breezy, bearable weather day

Don’t Lose Your Cool

If you have cracks or gaps around your windows, vents, or doors the cool air can be escaping. Make sure to plug up and fix this issue so your A/C is not working overtime to cool down the outside of your home.

Invest in Curtains

Sometimes all it takes is shutting your curtains and closing the shades to block the light from heating up your home. When you are gone all day at work, close the shades so you can keep your home a little cooler and your A/C will hopefully run a little less.

Clean Filters

Make sure you change out your filters regularly. This will help both your heating and cooling costs because your systems will be able to work more efficiently and effectively.

Program, Program, Program

If you do not have a programmable thermostat in your home, it might be wise to invest in one. You can program your thermostat to turn off or down the A/C at night when it is cooler. You can also program is to turn on when you get home from work. Set it and forget it until you look at your bill when your costs are lower!

Unplug it

Use power strips so you can easily turn off electronics that you are not using while you are on vacation, sleeping, at work, etc. This will definitely help with your costs. Even if the TV is not on, it is still plugged into a live power outlet that is driving energy to it. As long as the light it on, it is sucking out power and money from your pocket.


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