Should You DIY, or Don’t?

DIY seems to be this years biggest trend; everyone wants to create beautiful custom pieces for their home, while saving a little money. And this is great if you’re looking to pattern your walls, update some old furniture, or even lay some tile in your kitchen. However, there are some projects that just aren’t DIY, even if you consider yourself to be a handy person. From Huffington Post, here are 5 projects that you really shouldn’t do yourself:

1. Removing trees from your yard. Even removing branches requires skill and equipment that most people aren’t experienced enough to use safely. Removing a tree requires working with powerful tools while suspended up off the ground, and can be a very dangerous task for someone who’s not trained in tree removal. Plus, if you don’t plan correctly, you could end up dropping branches (or even the whole tree!) on your deck, outdoor patio, or even on the roof of your home. So, if you need a tree removed, it’s best to call a professional tree removal company to ensure your safety and to preserve your yard and home.
2. Home additions/ structural changes. While knocking down a wall is something that most people can handle, it can turn out to be a real disaster if you don’t know what’s in the wall (electrical wiring, plumbing, gas pipes, etc.). Before you start knocking out walls and structures, consult a contractor to make sure that it’s safe. If you’re planning on adding on to your home, you’ll need to obtain a permit from the city that says it’s okay to build. From there, you will probably want to hire a builder, and possibly an architect if you’re adding something big.
3. Repairing plumbing. Simple plumbing repairs, like unclogging a drain, can be done by the average homeowner. However, if you find yourself facing serious plumbing issues, like a pipe bursting or a severe leak that you can’t seem to stop, you need to call a plumber.
4. Making repairs to your roof. Just as it’s dangerous to be working with powerful tools while suspended in a tree, it’s dangerous to work with powerful tools 20 feet from the ground while trying to repair your roof. Besides the possibility that you may fall off the roof and seriously injure yourself, you can also cause serious structural damage to your home if you don’t know the proper methods for installing/repairing roofing.

5. Installing siding to your home. Siding that isn’t properly or securely installed is susceptible to being ripped off the side of the house in the event of severe weather conditions. If weather conditions don’t rip the siding off, there is still the possibility of water seeping between the siding and the frame of the home, which can damage the frame.

For more projects that you shouldn’t attempt yourself, check out the full list from Huffington Post.

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