How To Add Space To Your Home Without Building On

Richard Taylor, contributor to Zillow and architect has recently shared information on how to add more space to your home without adding square footage. This information is great for anyone in an apartment, condo, townhome, or single-family home that restricts the possibility of building onto your living space. Even for homeowners who are allowed to build on, this can be a great way to increase space without emptying your bank account.

One of the many benefits to increasing your space without building on is that your energy costs shouldn’t go up (the more space you have to heat or cool, the more expensive your energy bills will be).

Oftentimes when you think you’re lacking space, you’re not. You actually are just dealing with a “lack of well-planned space”, which was the problem in the home that Taylor cites in his article. Closed in spaces, awkwardly shaped rooms, and a mismanagement of available space can often leave you feeling cramped and in need of additional rooms in your home.

However, by recognizing that the issue is poorly planned space, and not a lack of space, you can save money and get the space you want without adding on to your home. Start by knocking out entire walls or by partially removing walls that inhibit a natural flow from space to space and leave you feeling cramped. The goal is to create a more open floor plan that ensures no room will go unused because its hidden and that your home will look and feel more spacious.

You can also add closets (or re-evaluate how you’re using the closets you have) in order to provide more storage space for coats, shoes, cleaning products, food, etc. Along those same lines, consider repurposing rooms that you don’t use. For example, many newer homes being built include a “formal dining room” that homeowners really only use to display nice furniture that no one touches. Instead of allowing a room to sit unused, repurpose it to fit your needs (as an office, playroom, or whatever you need). This will ensure that you are getting the most out of the space you have.

Read the original article and see an example of how to add space without building on by clicking here.
Check out this article from MSN for more tips on making your home feel bigger.

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