Highlight on Upper Arlington, Ohio

Upper Arlington, Ohio is a community in Central Ohio that The Brandt Group works in often. So we thought we would spend a minute to share a few highlights of why some of our clients choose to move to Upper Arlington…

Location & Background
The City of Upper Arlington was incorporated in 1918 and has grown into a primarily residential community of approximately 34,000 residents covering 9.67 square miles. The city enjoys a convenient location as a first-ring suburb of Central Ohio, with easy access to downtown Columbus, the Columbus airport and major highways.

Green UA
Upper Arlington enjoys one of the highest recycling rates in the nation and has been a Tree City USA for the last 20 years. The City signed the Central Ohio Green pact in 2007 and became the first Central Ohio community to assess its own carbon footprint. In that spirit, the City established the UA Green Team, with the goal of becoming a Central Ohio leader for green communities.

There are many highly rated school districts in Central Ohio, Upper Arlington being one of them. They have an “Excellent” rating, 26 out of 26 State Indicators met, and more! See the Upper Arlington School District Report Card Here.


Parks and Recreation
The Parks & Recreation Department produces three Activity Guides each year, packed with details of the  many classes, programs, special events and sporting opportunities available to all ages.


Looking for something to do in UA? Check out the community event calendar!
If you or someone you know if looking to move to Upper Arlington, Ohio contact The Brandt Group! We would love to help you take advantage of today’s housing market.
See you soon!


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