What You Need to Refinance Your Home…

How long will interest rates stay this low? While some homeowners have the opportunity, now might be the right time to refinance. So what do you need? Here is a list of documents from MSN Real Estate’s website that you might need to help you get prepared…

1. Photo ID – To confirm your identity

2. Pay Stubs – must show your name, name of your employer and your total year-to-date earnings

3. Asset Statements – Including checking, savings, investment and retirement-plan funds

4. Documentation of Deposits – Relatively new requirement asks for documentation that shows the source of any deposits of more than a nominal sum other than payroll.

5. Two Years of W-2 Tax Forms – If self employed, earn commission, or tip income you will need to provide last two years of federal tax returns.

6. Copy of your most recent Mortgage Statement

7. Copy of Original Promissory Note

8. Phone Bill – Recent bill showing your name and address

9. Divorce Decree – If you got divorced within the past two years or want to use alimony or child support you receive toward qualifying income

10. Proof of Attendance – First time buyer? Did you take advantage of assistance programs requiring you to be a first time buyer and attend a first-time homebuyer class? You must show proof of attendance.

So if you are ready to see if it is time for you to refinance, contact a lender to get the scoop and initial assessment. Then, contact an experienced real estate agent, like us, The Brandt Group with RE/MAX Affiliates to see what your home is currently worth in today’s market. 

Let us know how we can help!

Brad and Rob Brandt
The Brandt Group
RE/MAX Affiliates
Direct: (740) 272-0038



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