How Social Media Can Help Sell A Home

We all know by now that social media is taking over the world! No, but seriously, it has grown tremendously over the last few years. Not only are more people joining social sites, but they are actually using them and interacting on them. The transition into social communication has transformed your online experience for sure. Now everything online has a little social flare that is about sharing, exploring, and connecting.

So how can this new online experience help sell a home?

1. Different Exposure

When you or your agents posts information about your home on any social site, it reaches a different audience. Email announcements are becoming a thing of the past. You can smell a “New Listing” announcement email before even opening it. So how does your agent or you get your home in front of real estate agents, brokers, and buyers? Post it to social sites where your friends, family and co-workers are spending their time.

2. Share

When anything is posted online or to social sites, you can give users the opportunity to share that webpage or post with their friends. So if someone finds your home online, they can share it with their spouse, family member, or they can send it to someone who is a actually looking to buy.

3. More Exposure

Social sites are just another way to reach massive amounts of people. Think about it, how many Facebook Friends do you have? How many are you connected to on LinkedIn? Exactly, your friends are online and so are your friends of friends who might be looking to buy a home. Social media is a great way to give your home more exposure than just on typical real estate website.

When shopping for your next agent, make sure they know the ways to properly market your home online. The Brandt Group with RE/MAX Affiliates has experience in online marketing to help drive massive traffic to your home. Contact us today to see how we can help!


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