Why do People Move to Worthington, Ohio?

Worthington, Ohio is a community in Central Ohio that The Brandt Group works in often. So we thought we would spend a minute to share a few highlights of why some of our clients choose to move to  Worthington…

“Worthington offers all the attractions and conveniences of a big city combined with the charm of small-town living.” says Worthington.org. Located at the intersection of U.S State Route 23 and State Route 161 which allows for easy access to most of Central Ohio.

Did you know Worthington has a pretty good “Walk Score”? This score is based on how easy it is to run errands and get to places without using a car. The score? 68 out of 100! Not too bad.

Downtown Worthington
There are a lot of community events in Worthington, specifically Downtown Worthington.  Events, wine tasting, farmer’s market, live music, and more are just a few things you can expect.

There are many highly rated school districts in Central Ohio, Worthington being one of them. They have an “Excellent” rating, 26 out of 26 State Indicators met, and more! See the Worthington City School District Report Card Here.

Picture courtesy of WorthingtonOldandNews.com

Parks and Recreation
Did you know that Worthington has 21 different parks? Placed in convenient locations throughout the community and each one designed for a different purpose. Here is a map of all of the locations…

For a list of all of the parks and more information, visit Worthington’s website.

FUN FACT: Each year, the City of Worthington offers City residents the opportunity to purchase trees for planting along the street right of way in front of their homes, usually between the street and sidewalk, at half the price they would pay purchasing their tree at a nursery or plant store.

The goal of the program is to have tree-lined streetscapes in every Worthington neighborhood enhancing its beauty a contributing to energy savings, filter storm water runoff and enhance property values.

Great news for Worthington homeowners! Click for more information on the Street Tree Program

If you or someone you know if looking to move to Worthington, Ohio contact The Brandt Group! We would love to help you take advantage of today’s housing market.
See you soon!

The Brandt Group
RE/MAX Affiliates
Direct: (740) 272-0038


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