5 Apps For First Time Home Buyers

We are living in an electronic and technologically advanced age. Apps on your smartphone can help you make grocery lists, check email on the go, and even get some Facetime with the family. So, can it also help you buy a home? Of course it can!

Here are the top 5 apps for new home buyers.

A Mortgage Calculator – We don’t recommend any one specific version (there are tons to choose from), but try a couple out (many are free), and it can help you make an educated decision on the mortgage you choose.

A real estate dictionary – Escrow? Deeds-in-lieu? Amortization? That’s like a different language to many people, so why not have a real estate dictionary on hand to help you translate the real estate lingo?

House Hunter –  This is a personal favorite! This app has you pick out your needs and wants in a home and rate them on a 1-10 scale (you can even add photos for reference later!). Then, the app calculates a score for each home based on your input.

Walk Score – You can find this on many real estate sites, but it’s nice to have on hand. This app helps you determine how walkable a neighborhood is, and lets you know what’s within walking distance from your home. Good for pre-planners!

Zillow – This app offers”Zestimates” for every home on a block and offers unparalleled information on thousands of real estate listings. BONUS: if you’re looking to sell your home, under the “make me move” function, you can anonymously set a price for your home and potential buyers can contact you if they’re interested!

For more great apps for first time home buyers, click here!


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