How to Choose a Neighborhood in Upper Arlington, Ohio

Upper Arlington, Ohio is a great area and every neighborhood is fantastic, but there are a couple of ways to decide which one is right for you and your family.

Characteristics – A lot of people know the right neighborhood when they enter it. Each neighborhood is different and has a different feel. Walking or driving through
neighborhoods will give you a nice feel for the setting, the buildings, and the type of houses-this can be the simplest way for a person to find the right neighborhood.

Diversity – If diversity is important to you then you might want to research the
neighborhoods to find the one with the diversity you are looking for.

People – Neighborhoods will always be mixed with different people but some have more of one type then the other. One neighborhood may be mostly retirees or another may be families with young children or singles or kid-less couples. If you want to live in a specific neighborhood with more people that you would fit in with, you might want to check that out.

Income – Income may be part of your choice in finding a neighborhood. Do you want a luxury home neighborhood, a middle class neighborhood, or condominiums? This might help you narrow down what neighborhoods you look at.

Location – Upper Arlington is a fairly large city, so some neighborhoods may be closer to your work or school than others. If it is important that you are close to work or school, then you might want to narrow your search in Upper Arlington to certain neighborhoods in that vicinity.

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Here is a list of Upper Arlington subdivisions to get you started on your housing search:

  • Arlington Crossing
  • Arlington Crossing Condominiums
  • Arlington Heights
  • Arlingtowne
  • Burbanks Estates
  • Canterbury
  • Carriage Hill
  • Centre Lake
  • Concord Village
  • Eastcleft
  • Essex Place
  • Kenbrook Hills
  • Kenbrook Heights
  • Kennybrook Bluff
  • Lane Acres
  • Manchester Place
  • Normandy Square
  • Northam And Lane
  • Northam Park Area
  • Old Arlington
  • River Ridge
  • Riverpark Office Condominium
  • Shelborne Kipling
  • Shelbourne Heights
  • Slate Run
  • Slate Run Village
  • South of Lane
  • Squirrel Bend
  • Tarrington Woods
  • The Gateway At Scioto
  • The Landings
  • The Mansion
  • Tremont Place Condos
  • Trouville
  • Turnberry
  • Upper Arlington
  • Upper Arlington/Surrey Hill
  • Wakefield Forest
  • Wellington Woods
  • Winthrop Place
  • York Place

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